Fashion Jewellery – Essential Style Advice For 2011

If you’re someone who loves fashion and dressing well but finds the whole thing a little bit confusing, then you’re not alone. Fashion changes so fast it can be hard to keep up. To help you out, in the realm of jewellery at least, we’ve put together a little guide to the top trends for 2011. Mismatched bracelets are going to be really big, which is great as it means you can largely just wear things you’ve previously bought and don’t have to worry about what goes with what.

Extremely long drop earrings are also going to be big in 2011 – the longer the better. This is a great chance to really make a fashion statement with your jewellery. Big hoop earrings are going to be really popular but it’s the long earrings that just skim or ‘dust’ along your shoulders that are the hot ticket item right now. Earrings with a couple of crystals or little gems that catch the light are one really great way to wear the trend for maximum impact.

The cuff watch is also going to be a big 2011 women’s jewellery trend. They are available in a whole range of colors and designs, which means you have loads of options to help your accessory stand out, particularly if you go for bright colors and intricate patters. Cuff watches come with a thick band of fabric for a strap, making them idea to make a bold statement and they just slide on like a bracelet. Alternatively, you could wear a metal watch with a thin silver or gold strap.

For the vintage lovers among you, you can benefit in 2011 with the popularity of vintage-style pendant necklaces. You may well already have something like this in your closet, so get hunting to see what you’ve got. Large pendants are sure to help you stand out and they’re a great way to add detail to any outfit. For a pretty, feminine look, try a large fabric flower pendant on a string of beads. You could also go for a metal or plastic pendant for the wow factor.

Our last tip relates to an item of jewellery that’s a true style classic. It’s always popular and will be for years to come, meaning you can get great use out of it – the crystal. In particular, we love the little, sparking gems such as those by Swarovski that add instant glamour to any outfit. The intricate detail they embody really adds a zing to your style while still being ultra classy so you can wear them with practically anything while staying coolly fashionable.

High Fashion Handbags and Their Impact to Women

Have you ever been fascinated by the luxurious effect of high fashion designer handbags? What designer brands do you know and which among these bags do you love most? At some point in every woman’s life, there may be a time or two when these cravings for luxurious designer bags drive them to save a lot in order to buy one. You may even be wondering what it is with these designer bags that creates such impact to women in Calgary.

Fashion designer handbags are undeniably popular all over the world. To some people in Calgary, owning one of these bags even gives a feeling of connection to the world. It labels a person with prominence, excellence, glamour and style. It also gives a feeling of confidence to whoever wears a luxurious fashion bag.

Psychological studies say that almost all women think that they are unloved. And for them to feel loved, they aim to always look good and beautiful. Another study stated that wearing beautiful bags, dresses, and accessories makes a woman feel beautiful, and whenever appreciated, feel being loved.

With this idea, wearing bags, most especially those high fashion handbags, has a big psychological and social impact to a woman. With a fashion luxury handbag on your shoulder, people will look at you with admiration. Your friends will likely be complementing you on a fashion handbag that goes well with any dress you wear. In Calgary, most women feel better about themselves when they are with their designer bags.

Calgary is a place of sophistication and fashion style. Every year, new trends of fashion dresses, shoes and bags are released. However, these trends fashion Calgary designer bags never go out of style. In fact, they even enhance every new fashion trend of dresses and shoes. Be it for party or ordinary daily activity, designer fashion handbags can always make you feel beautiful more than ever.

Choosing the right high fashion handbags is a task to be taken seriously and cautiously. You certainly won’t like to spend thousands of dollars for a handbag that does not look good on you. Buying a luxurious handbag is a form of art that every woman must learn.